Slosh finds his own voice on debut EP “Awakening”

Having the urge to sing and being created for music are two different things. There are millions of young people out there who at every day of their lives get inspired to sing when they listen to what the real talented people do with their vocals, lyrics and unique singing style on records but they simply are not just created to find a career in music or better still make an impact with music.

But that certainly isn’t the case with Slosh, an impressively-talented young musician whose dynamism behind the microphone or in the studio is one that is expensively-rare for young music artistes of this generation to possess. He has the voice of an angel and the brilliance to always put letters into words that will speak to your hearts and help you understand the facts and misgivings in reality.

He is a lover boy but he never shies away from helping to propagate the faults of the society and these are evident in his freshly-released E.P titled, “The Awakening.” You probably might be thinking too much has been said about Slosh and you might be tempted to think this is all exaggeration or paid hype like many young artistes are known to run after to get people to vibe to their works. But I’d be glad to tell you this is far from it, and how can you ascertain the authenticity in the appraisal of Slosh? Just hang on and read the rest of the piece below which ultimately has to do with the review of his latest project, “The Awakening” which consists of 4 very well created songs.

This beautiful E.P starts with “One Song” as its first track. This song is all about the dream of a young man and how you are backing it up with prayers that it doesn’t only just die with you. The sweetest thing about a young man’s dream is having the privilege of watching it manifest right at a time you are hale enough to reap its dividends and enjoy in its lavishness.

Slosh’s dream is just like that of Cobham’s Asuquo who was looking for that one-hit song that would change his life. He wants a song that will give him plenty views like that of Davido. You think it’s not possible, right? Watch this space! But before then, what’s your own dream? Do you have anyone at all? If you don’t, listen to Slosh’s “One Song” and you surely will get inspired.
Slosh finds his own voice on debut EP “Awakening”
Do you remember it was said earlier that Slosh is a lover boy? The talented musician looks like someone that is having a lot going on for him at the same time. While he is chasing that “One Song” that will change his life he is also trying to settle issues with a girl that is bursting his brain.

In “Burst Ma Brain” which is the second track of the E.P, he confesses his feelings for a mystery girl who he seems to have fallen so much for. He is ready to share the profits that comes from that “One Song” with her.

Oh! I forgot to tell you that Slosh is a bad boy too, my bad! In “Chihuahua,” the third track of the E.P, the brilliant musician spots a girl with a big backside somewhere around where he was and he expresses his willingness to spend that dough on her. He tells the girl that he is not a “Chihuahua.” I don’t know what he was trying to tell the girl there but all I know is – do not trust bad boys with too much talent, do not trust Slosh! “Chihuahua” is a banging tune that comes in form of the famous “pon pon” sound. It is a complete jam.

The final track of the E.P is titled the “Heart Song.” Slosh brought everything into this jam – the instrumental, the vibe, the delivery and the rhythm. “Heart Song” will somehow bring to you the memories of baba Fela, not because of the lyrics but because the song cryptically makes you believe you are listening to an Afro-vibe.

The Saxophone, the drum rolls, the harmony in the vocals of the back-up singers in the record will give you an Afro feel. And do you know one thing that an Afrovibe gives to you? It touches your soul and makes you move or dance like a drunk. This is how the song will make you feel. You need to listen to it if you are finding happiness in that not-so-good moment, you will surely get moving.

Conclusively, “The Awakening” is a brilliant 4-piece project that is enough to make the blind and the deaf identify what a talent the owner of the project is. All that is needed now is for us to get more records such as these from Slosh, the map has been drawn, the road has been clear and the journey to success as begun. This is a dope project.

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