Kanye West Continues To Battle EMI Over “Lifetime” Contract

Kanye West Continues To Battle EMI Over “Lifetime” Contract

Kanye West is not letting up against his music publisher EMI.

Back in January, the Chicago rapper filed a lawsuit against EMI in a California state court, wanting to be released from the “lopsided and oppressive” publishing contract, which he claims says he can never retire from his music career.

Most recently, the two parties failed to produce a settlement — leading Ye to take the matter to courts.

In March, EMI countersued in a federal court in New York, accusing Ye of not fulfilling his contractual obligations. The publishing company has been distributing Kanye’s songs since 2003, shortly after he released *College Dropout. *

On Thursday, Kanye filed a motion to dismiss EMI’s lawsuit, which includes a provision of California law stating contracts like West’s are not to be extended more than 7 years.

This means Ye’s contract should have ended in 2010.

The claim reads “Instead, EMI has sought to tie him to an exclusive publishing agreement that could last for years, if not his entire life.”

The case is still pending.

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